Monday, February 22, 2010


After almost eighty days without a president, we have been given a new acting president; Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Again, we have started hoping that something good will come out of this new leadership , something to hang the future of Nigeria on. I was almost too sure that the former president will start the Nigerian dream, after declaring his asset, he looked prepared and ready to take Nigerians to the next level; no doubt, today Nigeria is on a next level to becoming a failed country, one without hope. And I have one thousand and one versions of his state of health.
I am happy we now have a leader, at least, it is a new way to start again and pretend nothing ever happened, no fuel scarcity, no Jos crisis, no confusion in the country; the country is now healed of an eighty days illness. I am more happy because of this new president, though nothing remarkable. I am hopeful that he will bring luck to Nigeria, he might not need to work hard or have an eight point agenda (who knows, he might want to do more than his predecessor). Goodluck Jonathan has always been lucky, or what do you think? He has never struggled or campaigned for any election. He was the Deputy Governor of Bayelsa state in 2005, when the Governor, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha was arrested for money laundering, he was impeached and president Goodluck became the Governor of the state, and on the 9th of February 2010, this same Goodluck was made the acting president of Nigeria owing to the health of the former president, Umar Musa Yar’ Adua. Whatever luck this is, it is definitely a good one to Goodluck Jonathan, even if it is at the expense of his predecessors.
What Nigeria needs right now is magic, miracle; good luck and if we now have for a president, a man that has such luck; it is only normal that I hope against all doubts that something good will come; against some Nigerians, who do not care much and have come to accept whatever comes. And the Niger Deltans? They are very excited of course, they are expectant and the president have decided to continue where his predecessor has stopped. He definitely will not fail in this because they expect to see him work, he can not disappoint his own, not now when he has power in his hands; not now.
I do not expect much from Goodluck Jonathan though, but I expect much luck. I pray that we will not see anything different or less, I am indifferent because I have never heard anything remarkable. As far as I know, Jonathan is a quiet man, which to me might be logical, tactful; and also deadly too. But I hope for Good luck.

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