Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The day is dark outside my window and there is a land in the dark; a land where happiness is aplenty and the soul soars, where the darkness of the night ends and in it begins the brightness of the land. A land hidden in the coffers of love, hidden in the mysteries of the heart and joy abounds. I shall dream of that land before it is dawn.

For faraway, after this darkness that trails from my window...

There is a land that I dream of
Where red is love and the colour of my heart
Where white is peace and a reason to share
Where I live by love and learn to love
Where I can lay my head and dream of red and white; dream to love and share.

So I dare to dream.
Of the heavens and its cosmic; its rain a champagne.
Of the rainbow giggling in the sky, reassuring its promise.
Of the smiling sun that glimmers and radiates all over me.
Of the moon resting atop in the village square for another folk tale under the huge tree.
I danced with the stars; my tiny legs worked magic in the art and my laughter rocked the earth like a thunder clap.
I sang with the birds and my voice echoed in the thirty-six states, calling it to peace and order.

I dare to dream.
My palace dream; where I'm the queen and the subjects, my children.
Where there is plenty to eat and drink.
Where we dance in circle till the day is tired and ready to rest.
Where we toast to palm wine and reaffirm our love under the village tree.
Where I know there is love, one that we share.

I dare to dream
Of horses as dreams, so I would ride with love.
Of roses as weeds, so I would have a handful and more to share.
Of diamonds as stones, so I would have them replace the death- traps called roads and enchant the night.
Of money as leaves on a tree, so I would have poverty thrown in extinction.
Of death as a vacation, so my loved ones would return from their journey.

I dare to dream
Not of the cakes and wines and the gifts but of love that would last forever!
Of relationships built on trust and nurtured by love.
Of couples looking forward to another celebration of love and not a rite
Of that moment where everything is bliss; life is beauty.

For love is not a commonplace.
Love is not a trade by barter.
Did they not say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder?
Yeah, love is in the eyes of the lover and not the gambler.
Love surpasses all odds and like Goliath, every difficulty only needs a feel of its tiny stone.
Love is the music of the soul that mesmerizes the heart with eternal rhymes.
Love is the connection between mother and child and like a chain, they are bound together.
Love is the communication of the heart.
Love is the bliss of life.
At the end of the darkness lies the dawn, the awakening of my dream. The dawn is the land and the land is the love that I dream of.

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