Sunday, March 27, 2011


The magical realism that I see in this impending revolution or devolution in Nigeria, is something we have not even realized. I didn’t realize this too, until I reflected on this acronym; from its colloquial meaning: Rice and Stew Very Plenty, to its original meaning: Repondez S’il Vous Plait (please reply or respond), and to its election meaning: Register, Select, Vote and Protect. It dawned on me that everything, everything including the power to rig, bribe, or protect your vote is with YOU! No one else. … RSVP!

No doubt, this year’s election is showing some promise not because all the candidates have promised heaven on earth but because Nigerians are interested; especially the youths! In fact, we are the ones in charge. We have witnessed the primary elections, we have seen presidential and gubernatorial debates, and all that there is. Most of us are convinced and some of us are yet to be. still, a good number of us want to follow our hearts… no problem.

For some weeks now, it’s been everywhere; from those who want Goodluck, to those who want Ribadu and then those who want Buhari and those who want Goodluck but not PDP, to those who want ACN but not Ribadu and those who think Buhari doesn’t need to prove anything; He fought against indiscipline, thanks to him but leadership is more than that or to those who think Bakare should not use the religious or prophetic sentiment. And to those who think, ‘if you like vote they already know the winner’. For all of you, I have answers:

On Goodluck: do not look at his luck, x-ray his abilities, his achievements in office for almost a year now, look at his policies; the good, the bad and the ugly; yes look at them. And if after all these, you think he is worthy; you think he can bring that revolution that we seek. Forget PDP, forget hearsays and go for him.

On Ribadu: forget the EFCC stunts, more importantly; forget his traumatic days. It is not failure. Look out for those things that he did while in office, do you think he can rule Nigeria? You know he was the EFCC bravado. If after all these, you think Nigeria is on its road to greatness. Please vote for him.

On Buhari: thanks to him for the War Against Indiscipline, be critical. If you want Buhari, then go for him, forget the strategy of Bakare, Screen him; check his abilities, forget zoning. If Buhari is the leader we have been dreaming of, so be it.
On Goodluck PDP and Ribadu ACN, I will advise that you forget their parties and focus on the man who will lead. Or better still, on a lighter mood; when you think Goodluck, think ACN and when you think Ribadu, think PDP. It might just help.

On Bakare: give him a benefit of doubt, you think he can’t serve two masters at a time? But what if it is another calling. Screen him still, forget the religious stunt; focus on his personality. But hey, don’t use that against him, have you thought of the fact that this could be solving a problem of religious crises, when these two become one? You see.

For those who want to follow their hearts, I have stated earlier… no problem. Follow your heart after a good research and assessment, and you have come up with a good decision about the right candidate not after your pocket is filled with some candidate’s money. Or, you have been sweet talked into voting for their ‘man’, or you are judging by the good looks. It is your future, remember.

And for those who think they already know the winner: the answer is simple, it is because you have not taken a stand or you have decided not to. It is because you don’t want to vote or you have decided to throw your vote away because you careless. Whatever problem you cause because of your thought, I just hope you are ready in future.

Now back to RSVP: I meditated on its different meanings and the power is just with YOU! If you do the right thing and the ‘Rice and Stew’ becomes very plenty, you will get the reward of being filled and satisfied. If you respond or give the right reply, then revolution will come. And, if you Register, Select, Vote and Protect your vote ‘gidigba’, then revolution is on its way. That is the magic, it is with YOU, YOU and YOU. No one else. Nigerians should come to the realization that no European country was not built in a day, it started with one person who wanted to do the right thing, one person who stood his ground and everyone followed suite. Think about the revolutionary bravery of Martitn Luther King jnr and Nelson Mandela. It simply called commitment, integrity, passion for what is right. Nigeria can never be the same if you do your part, you can’t expect everybody to change at the same time, it could start from you. Please do your part and don’t bother if it will count or not…

One more thing I have to tell you about RSVP, take it or leave it: it is an oath, your national pledge. There are no two ways about the fantasies of European countries, it is integrity, it is passion, it is commitment, it is fighting for what is right, it is damning the consequences and doing what is right, it is flinging their money back at them and telling them ‘I know what I want’. If you want it then RSVP!

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