Sunday, March 20, 2011


Civilization is fulfilling, and fashion? More fulfilling! When I reminisce some hundred, thousand years back, where our foremothers make do with natural textile; you know the green leaves thingie and later they moved on to animal skin. Fashion worked for them too, you know, because they moved on to tying wrappers around their chest and waist down to their knees. it didn’t matter at that time if they were slim or plus sized, or if they had the right and perfect colours on, no no no; it didn’t, as long as they were fertile: they remained the target audience to their husbands.

And in our 21st century? All thanks to fashion, still. Ladies needn’t walk around with green leaves on or bother about tiger and snake skins—no. Fashion has done us real good and the men look beyond fertility. We don’t just wear clothes because they cover us, we wear them because they enhance our beauty as well. But we also cannot wear these clothes without knowing our types of body shapes and what kind of dress will suite our different body shapes. This is why you are reading this… SHAPE UP.


PEAR: Add volume to your shoulders and bust to create balance; Slenderize the appearance of beneath and move the observer’s eye to the face. To measure if you are pear shape, your hips must be two inches more than bust.

HEART: Slenderize the appearance of above. Move the observer’s eye to your face. To measure if you are heart shape, your bust must be two inches more than hips.

BOX: Create the optical illusion of an indentation at the waist. To measure if you are box shape, your hips must be eight inches less than waist.

HOUR-GLASS: Balance your top and bottom while showing off the your best assets; your waist! Your clothes should not knock off the natural proportion. The clothes industry creates clothing specifically for you. So the guideline is – not overdoing or exaggerating! To measure if you are hour-glass shape, your hips must be eight inches more than waist. Also, if your bust and hips are within 2 inches of each other, then you are either box or hour-glass.

SPOON: Show off the smallest part of your torso with an empire waist.

INVERTED TRIANGLE: Add volume to your lower half to balance your shoulders and create the illusion of curves.

OVAL: Structured jackets with flattering lines and just the right flare can help you create the waist you have always wanted.

DIAMOND: Balance your bottom with a flirty sleeved structured jacket.

Still on Shape up, you know, for the plus sizes, the mediums and slims. This will also enhance that perfect body shape; they are factors that affect optical illusion. Try it!
• For the plus sizes and the mediums, you can use dark colours to slenderize, and for the slims, use light colours to widen.
• For the plus sizes and the mediums, vertical and diagonal lines slenderize, and for the slims, horizontal lines widens.
• Finally, the larger the print, the greater the appearance. the thicker / richer the texture, the greater the appearance.

• You are unique, precious, valuable and irreplaceable. “You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.” – John Mason
• “I will treat you as I see you”
• “I always think that the best way to dress is when the person notices you first and the dress after.” – Oscar de la Renta.
Hmm! Shape up it is…

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